Bonus Feats: The epic swordsage gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic swordsage feats) at 23rd and 28th levels.
Now this I don't understand. Why give the epic swordsage such a large feat pool, and then completely gimp thme past level 30? swordsages aren't so overpowered that they don't deserve the normal allotment of bonus feats that other classes allow (look at the wizard, sorcerer and cleric, they get bonus feats every 3 levels after 20, druids getting every 4 levels, which could theoretically extend on indefinitely). Why shouldn't the swordsage, who is clearly not as powerful as an epic spellcaster, get only 2 bonus feats, while not getting nearly any other class benifits, and then be forced to suck from level 30 on. I suggest giving them the same bonus feat progression as the wizard or cleric, on grounds that the swordsage isn't nearly as powerful as them, and make it extend on indefinitely.