Another character (under construction)

Race: Human
Age: ?
Alignment: CN
Power Level: 5-6
Description: Geode is about 6 feet tall, with gray-blue eyes and blond shoulder-length hair, tied back in a ponytail. He is wearing a purple silk shirt, and black slacks.
Equipment: Geode doesn't carry much on him.
Abilities: Geode has telekinesis, the ability to become insubstantial, and turn invisible. He also is able to create almost perfect illusions on himself, obscuring his true form. He is able to make them move in perfect harmony with his own movements, for example, walking down the street looking like a ten foot tall demon.
Backstory: If asked, Geode will say he is from "The City" and needed time off from his "Job". He won't elaborate any more on the subject.
Affiliation:None, as of yet.