In honor of my love for FF XIII (Just saw theatrical footage... so much awesome. Blood actual blood in the game. Awesome amounts of GRIMDARK, and enough PLOT gravy to make a man weep/) I will be making a charecter to emulate him.

Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
He is the only confirmed heir to the Caelum dynasty ruling over the last kingdom to control Crystals. He has come to this dimension to find a way to protect his kingdom against marauders who seek to conquer the city and take the Crystals by force. The Crystals are the rewards to the loyalists to the planet from the Grand Druid back in his dimensionj (NOT 3.5 based.)that bestow upon the wielder great abilties that they would not normally possess. The beings that he fights against seek tio abuse, and drain the crystals of their power to create a ultimate "dimension bomb" that could very well destroy everything. Thus, as a safegaurd Noctis took one of the lesser Crystals with him on his journey.
Race: unknown although from the fact that in battle his eyes Change from Blue to Red in battle he may have some sort of long forgotten fiendish heritage. Or it could be something else entirely.
Crystal of Telekinesis: This should be pretty obvious. This crystal empowers his latent psionic abilties to near colousal propotions that outweigh any of his other abilties. However without the crystal he has almost no power in that realm, so if it is ever stolen, or destoryed he would need to reform it. Also even Noctis does not know the full capabilties of this crystal as it requires a true master to unlock its full potential. Something even Noctis who has favoured this crystal for 20 years in unable to call himself. Also if somehow to use this ability at these levels.
Weapon prowess: Being a noble Prince Noctis has training in the use of many weapons, and has mastered many more with the crystal. This of coruse makes him formidable in the realm of combat.
Teleportation: For some reason, which may be due to his unusual heritage, he has the ability to teleport short distacnes (no more than 300 Ft.) at will, and with inciredble speed that leaves behind a silvery aura after image where he had been before usually grinning smugly.
Personality: despite his attitude in combat, and his noble status he is actually incredibly shy.
Power level: The usual. Varies by PLOT.