Endeara or En

Gender: Female
Race: Half elf
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class (or approximation): Druid/rangerish
Power Rating (optional): 0.5
A fairly good looking 17 year old girl with brown hair and lavender eyes and tanned skin she wears a green knee length tunic with silver embroidery and brown breeches and brown gloves. A pouch of herbs and other valuables sits on her belt she is unarmed.

Equipment and Abilities:
Pacifist, Can heal people, Talk to animals.

Backstory:Earliest memory at the moment(more is being developed in a plot as she remembers it). At the age of thirteen her hometown was attacked she was told to flee. Which she did when fleeing she fell and hit her head on a rock destroying her memories. When she awoke she was adopted by the animals of the forest and has only just no emerged
(I'm playing her in both town and acronym)


Cheerful and almost childly inoccent and friendly blindly trusting (mostly)

I refuse to post exact stats :P

Str: Low
Dex: Med
Con: Med
Int: Med
Wis: High
Cha: High