Agile Retreat is completely insane
Changed it to two squares instead of three, thought it was a little overpowered.

I would phrase Ridiculous Velocity as "You gain a +1 feat bonus to speed. Increase this bonus to +2 at level 11, and to +3 at level 21."

I would consider reducing the base speed to 8

You should change Fey Origin's wording to be the same as that of the Eladrin's (I think the plural of Eladrin is Eladrin...) and Elves'. Otherwise, they'd be ineligible for being affected by item powers that affect fey creatures as worded.

Also, they don't have a racial power. All officially published races have at least one power associated to them.
Changed wording of fey origin. I didn't give them a racial power because I was worried they would get too overpowered, they already have a very high speed and two decent racial features. Also, dwarves don't have a racial power, but instead have several features (but 5 speed).