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I wish to end the war of my people.

Name: Runner
Race: Autobot
Alignment: Chaotic good
Class: scout
Affinity: Hoping for GLOG
Age: Old. Let's just leave it at that.
Weight: When he is in his robot form, probably at least a ton.
Height: In his robot form, about 12 feet high.
Hair: Nope. None.
Eyes: The look and act a little like camera lenses. But they are not black. They are blue.

Well, in his robot form, he is a twelve foot tall robotic being. He looks somewhat human in shape. And by that I mean he has two arms, two legs, and a head. His weapons are part of him, which means that when he's using them, you will see them. When they are not in use, you will not see them. He has two large metal spikes on his shoulders. They are spikes in the sense that they protrude out of his shoulders, right where the arm meets the shoulder. They are not round or pointed. They are flat and a little blade like. His body is silver in color. Some of the parts on him resemble whatever he last transformed into. So, if he was a car, parts of him will resemble the car. If he was a stereo, parts of him will resemble the stereo.

When he is transformed, he will look exactly like whatever he transformed into. See below for a better explanation.

He carries nothing. Everything he needs is part of him.

He has several guns, as well as a small sword. Well, small for him. The sword is probably about five feet long. His guns include machine guns, rockets, grenades, and several different types of beam weapons. He will also have an extra weapon at times, depending on what he last transformed into. If he was a helicopter, then he will have a spinning blade on his hand.

Being a scout, he is very cautious. Especially around new things. Once he has gotten to know someone, he is a very friendly guy. He also has a very strong sense of duty, loyalty, and responsibility.

He talks in a somewhat low, metallic voice. It will also be blue.

He originated from the planet Cybertron. The planet was created by an object called the All Spark. The All Spark is a huge cube, approximately 100 yards in height, width, and depth. The All Spark also created all life on his planet. These beings are living machines.

The All Spark held immense power. As such, many wanted to use it for evil purposes. This group were known as the Decepticons. Their leader was Megatron.

There was also a group that fought to keep the All Spark from the Decepticons. This group was called the Autobots. Their leader was Optimus Prime.

The battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots lasted for centuries, anding with the destruction of the planet. The All Spark was lost to space, and the surviving Decepticons and Autobots searched the universe for it.

Because of the size of the universe, most of the Autobots were separated. As such, Runner is probably the only Autobot to show up in the planet that holds the Town. He is a scout, so his mission is to find as much information as he can about the location of the All Spark. He is also to remain hidden as long as he can.

Unlike most of his race, Runner has the ability to transform into many things. Most of his race can really only transform into one or two things.

As stated, he can transform into an object. There are some limits to this ability. First off, he has to see and scan the object. Second, there is a size limit. The smallest thing he can transform into is a stereo set or a jukebox. The largest is a small helicopter.

He is shielded against most small weapons, like machine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, swords. Large caliber round will damage him, though.

He is vulnerable to cold. By cold, I mean well below freezing. Electricity greatly affects him as well. High intense heat blasts will melt through his metal.

This is a list of the things he can transform into as of now.

Small helicopter
Large spotlight