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    (First avatar by Vael, Second by Haruki)
    Hitomi Sanoyuki
    Hitomi by Siena
    Hitomi by some artist I commissioned at an anime convention, but who's name I never caught >>
    Hitomi's Court clothes, done by mah bestest friend
    Visual reference, done by me =D
    Name: Hitomi Sanoyuki, Monarch of the clan of Memnoch
    Age: Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer
    Alignment: Neutral evil
    Race: Vampire-succubus
    Hair: Lime Green, down to about her hips
    Eyes: Sapphire blue, with slitted, cat-like pupils
    Likes:Blood, tea, strife, animals, solitude, cool dark places, good novels, painting, cheese, Inigo, drama, being the center of attention
    Dislikes: Druids and Paladins, stupidity, concepts of "redemption", religion, magic (she actually once had a phobia of magic, though this had calmed), Inigo, children, disrespect towards her
    Other Physical notes: Black horns that curl down from her head, towards her chin, and leathery bat wings that are not large enough to support her weight in flight, which happen to be scarred due to the many times she's taken hits for Inigo. Also, her skin is pale to the point of near albino-ism, contrasting with the black triangle tattoo she has under her left eye and the swirly one on her right shoulder.
    Backstory: As most fairy tales start, long ago, there was a young, rather charming girl who was quite normal, aside from her neon green locks. A series of events lead such a thing of innocence into a life of sin, dark and evil, and she became something quite like the mythical figure of Lillith, growing horns and dark wings like that of a bat, monstrous.
    Though, she didn't much mind, for the life she lead was exciting, the wings a marker of her power that she had gained. However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.
    Town History (July 2007-November 2007, Under QueenOfMemnoch account):The village the demonness terrorized rose up, using strong magics to condemn her to an eternity under the ground, banished from the world that she had grown to love, in her own way.

    And, ten thousand years later, this is where we find Hitomi, in her containment. A jail cell had been built over her, and poorly maintained,so that the toilet dripped, leaked, spilled its horrible contents all over the magic that restrained her. The vampire-succubus awoke to find a new world, with new rules. Hitomi could no longer reign supreme over the little mortals who ran about her feet. It was time to adapt, repress such urges that would call for her containment again.
    As such, she became disillusioned, and tried for love. Over and over, it failed, until, at last, she found one man who would not turn on her, who would bend his beliefs and morals for the chance at her affection.
    And she found she could not love, not even the pathetic little being who had given up everything for her.
    Her undead heart heavy with the weight of such a realization, Hitomi threw her body into the furious, unforgiving flames of a fiery pit, content that perhaps the afterlife would be much, much more calm and lifeless.
    HALO History (December 2007-May2008): Hitomi then awakened, and found herself not in Hel, but in AMEN. Yet, it was not her. Her body was no more, a fit of shadows and mist which pleased Hitomi. No longer was she bound by such a feminine form. It took some time, but she befriended Bushranger, who she followed back to HALO, to the displeasure of many of the evil-hating members. Even so, she found some kind gestures from a few of the inhabitants, and soon became a fixture in HALO, though she determinedly stated her loyalty to AMEN. Not long after, the shadow-shell she had embraced cracked, to reveal her succubus form once again.
    While in HALO, Hitomi "fell in love" with Inigo Montoya, an awful thing for him. Reluctantly, and after many arguments (one of which lead her to cheat on Inigo with Nomlas), the vampiress agreed to blend their DNA, using their friend De as a surrogate mother for their child. Hitomi, detesting children, feigned affection for the child, all the while fueling a jealousy, even as the child was "gifted" by Draken, given three gifts, and one cursing prophecy; on the baby's tenth birthday, she would bring the abomination the hearts of both her parents. Inigo was taken care of on the day by Lord Magtok, called in on a favor to the vampire-succubus, and performed a heart transplant. Hitomi, however, was not so lucky, and had her heart removed by her child's silver sickle, also a gift from Draken.
    As had been proved before, Hitomi was not capable of really dieing, but of appearing several days after her "death" in her shadow form, memory reset to her suicide in Town. Draken found her quickly, whispering false tales of her lover and child, and Hitomi went about grasping for revenge, nearly killing Inigo, and insuring instilled hatred in Izzy (that being the child's name) of all abyssal and undead creatures.
    Hitomi thereafter disappeared for some time, making her re-entry months later, only to emotionally torture Inigo, as, in her mind, he had made his choice of the two women in his life known, and he had picked their daughter.
    Shortly thereafter, with the help of Nomlas, Hitomi wiped Izzy's mind and began to sculpt her into a heir to the throne of Memnoch, disappearing yet again, until recently.

    ((You may be thinking, "jeez, Hitomi's story is sooo long". Yeah. I've been playing her for almost six years. She's the most in-depth character I have, and I can't keep her retired >.<))
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