Inigo Montoya (Yes, that Inigo Montoya.)

Age: ?
Aligenment: Netural Good
Race: Human
Association: HALO
Looks: Black hair and brown eyes, and has two thin scars on his cheeks.
Backstory: After killing Count Rugen in the book, Inigo knocked around around for ten years, becoming more and more drunk. Eventually he ended up at the bottom of the barrel, drinking wine soaked rags. He was found by a priestess who sobered him up, and got him a job defending her temple. He fell off the wagon though, and accidently killed her. In shame, he left the temple, vowing to never drink again. Eventually he found himself in HALO, where he almost immedently got sucked into it's...interesting atmosphere.

Soon after joining HALO, he met Hitomi, and fell in love with her. After many an arguement, they blended their DNA to have a child, who was named Izzy. However, Izzy was cursed to bring her parent's hearts to Draken. Inigo managed to get around the curse, but Hitomi was not so lucky. She was "killed" and dissapeared. Inigo went to look for her, and was attacked by her, and left for dead. He stayed in a semi-coma for two weeks until Izzy rescued him. After recovering, he started to look for Hitomi. When he found her, she erased Izzy's memory, and dissapered.


Age: About five or six months old.
Aligenment: Netural Good, with chaotic leanings.
Race: Shape-shifter (wolf)
Class: Archeolgist
Association: HALO
Looks: Tall and thin, with bright red hair tied back in a ponytail.
Backstory: Jenny started out as a clone of Masato, but as fate would have it, she became an archeolgist and spent a few months exploring the world. When she returned to HALO, she adopted a son and got married, seeming to settle down...