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    Yasmin Lewis

    Thanks to Onasuma for the avvie

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Fighter, Level Six
    Description: Yasmin's a tall, pretty girl. She has smooth, flawless coffee-coloured skin, easily her best feature, and almond-shaped hazel eyes, with long eyelashes. Her hair is long, caramel covered, typically streaming down past her shoulders, in little mini-plaits, or left to cascade. At work, she wears a plain dusky pink dress, knee-length, with short sleeves, and a black apron. Out of work, she'll typically dress sexily, but not provocatively.
    Equipment and Abilities: Yasmin's an accomplished martial combatant. Her favoured weapon is her father's old blunderbuss, which she uses both at long-range, and, if needs be, in close combat. She also has an assortment of serrated daggers, really just adapted cleavers, if she has had time to prepare for a melee fight. She dual-wields. In addition to her mundane abilities, she recently gained the ability to prestidigitate.
    Backstory: Yasmin grew up with a loving family, of of Middle Eastern, Persian, and North-East African descent, and, as an NPC, got work as a busty barwench at the Taverna Generica, and continues to work there, now as a low level PC. She is not friends with Nomlas, having beaten him up herself once to get four levels worth XP.
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