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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Dan the Dragon Slayer

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter/Rogue/Dragon Slayer
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Rating: 5
    Affiliation: Good League of Good

    Brown hair, brown eyes. Has a lightning shaped scar below his right eye.
    Is of medium height and build, and has a low center of gravity, so he is
    hard to knock down. He has averaged sized feet and hands.

    Equipment and Abilities +5 Lighting Longsword. +3 Full Plate,
    +3 Anti-Dragon Breath shield (adorned with teeth of slain dragon), Pack,
    Mass amounts of treasure stored around the world (or Town...)

    Has many acrobatic feats, and would be assumed to have dipped into Rogue
    for one level. Is able to hand a blade fairly well, and has been known
    to dabble in other weapons, especially the Dwarven War Axe.

    Dan grew up on a small farm, helping his parents tend their local fields.
    His father made a good living, and he was able to be brought up with proper schooling.
    He always enjoyed getting into mischief when he was younger, so he was sent to the local
    Fighter Academy, to brush up on some manners. He was taught many things, and learned to weild
    a blade quite well. He graduated at the top of his class. He ventured out at the low level of 5
    all by himself. Soon he ran into some local dwarves who decided to run away from home and were
    caught in a tree. Dan fished them out and was hailed a local hero. He was given a special Dwarven
    War Axe, which he never uses. It is ingraved with special runes and has a hilt of pure gold. It
    was his first piece of treasure. Dan soon left the Dwarves and moved onto bigger and better things.

    Most of these included helping a local Rogue Pirate ship escape from authorities, assist the theft
    from a local bank, and move a local brothel down the street. Furniture and the like. Soon Dan realized
    that he was on a horrible path, one that would rock his alignment terribly. He went to a local Cleric
    who gave him some advice. "Go forth and do what is right, Dan." Dan lived by this rule, and soon his
    advice was granted. The next town he came past was having an awful Dragon problem. Dan explored the local
    caves, all by himself, and soon found a young dragon. He battled the fearsome lizard and destroyed it.
    He was given a vast sum of gold, as well as his own plunder. Dan knew this was his calling. He had
    a natural knack for taking care of the lizard-beasts. He was soon able to upgrade his armor and take
    on bigger Dragons. The entire "lone adventurer" was good, since he didn't have to share any XP with anyone.
    This meant faster levels and more plunder for Dan. He is now at the ripe age of 25, and is a healthy level 18.
    He is soon planning his next solo adventure, to the mountain lair of an Old White Dragon. He knows
    he will need some help, but knows he will be victorius.
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