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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Iron Lich

    The Tower serving as his phylactery has been destroyed as has his body. Calublufiok has been ELIMINATED.
    *cough* Just kidding. He now looks like a nymph. Seeing as how he stole Irene's body, mind, and soul to use for his own evil purposes.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Fey'ri reincarnated into Goblin, transformed into lich.
    Age: unknown
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Fatespinner
    Description: Just your average looking Fey'ri/Goblin/Lich. Seeing as how much they like to change shape, though, who knows if that's what he looks like.

    Equipment and Abilities: The usually wizardy stuff you probably don't want to deal with. One of his more unusual items is a bag of jellybeans he keeps with him at all times. You don't ever see him eat one, though...

    Plus all the advantages and disadvantages that come with being a lich. Such as immunity to mind affecting stuff.

    Backstory: Back in the day, he lived the average Fey'ri life of political intrigue and backstabbery (they're worse than the drow). Upon learning of a soon to be murder attempt, being frustated with it all, and, well, being a teenage demon elf thing, he decided to leave for good. This... didn't go over so well with the Fey'ri society, seeing as how their home was well hidden from the world and any potential leak was viewed as a serious threat. Now hunted by both his kind and all who held stereotypes against him, he fled and used his shapeshifting abilities to hide as best he could.

    Perhaps inevitably, he found his way amongst adventurers, constantly working even against them to keep his secret, lest his former queen's assassins find him. Through many twists and turns he found a gateway to another world, far from Faerun. Upon traveling through this gate, he was reincarnated as a Gobber, though for some reason he maintained his demonic wings. This place mixed technology and magic like he had never seen. Eventually he learned how to harness this gate technology and build it himself. Once he did, he made sure to destroy any others who knew, as well as any other gates he could find. Building one in a secret place, he came here, and is now attempting to accomplish his goal.

    Originally, his goals started out small as to be expected from a rebellious teenager. He wanted to end the persecution of his people. Eventually he grew to realize this wouldn't happen so chose instead on becoming a powerful mage. Even later he decided his goal was to become a lich(succeeded) and take over his own race's kingdom, then take over the world, then become a god, and finally destroy the world. It is at this last goal he stands now, having abandoned the rest.

    Theme song: When You're Evil
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