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    Cade Mekhet

    Age – 17

    Alliance - None

    Cade is a thin, sullen looking boy in his late teens. His unruly mop of hair is dyed a deep red, and tends to hang over his eyes most of the time. Cade likes that just fine; it’s his eyes that show more about him than he wants to talk about, it’s his eyes that give a suspicion of the trauma that he’s been through. They are a deep brown, and look much older and tired than they should in one of his age. It’s obvious that he was once a handsome boy, and may well be again, but recent experiences have left him looking shell-shocked and care-worn.

    Cade tends towards wearing neutral colours like greys and blacks, usually with a pair of worn jeans and trainers. He rarely speaks right now, when he does his voice cracks and wavers, like his vocal chords are recovering from some injury. He gives the impression of someone who has had to deal with far more recently than anyone ever should, someone who would end his suffering if only he could bring himself to.

    Cade had a happy childhood, growing up in a small rural town with his mother and stepfather. A bright pupil, he did well at school and was odds on for a scholarship. That all changed one night a month ago. Cade was in his bedroom when the screams started downstairs. He made the mistake of rushing out onto the landing…and watched as a mass of shadowy creatures tore his family apart.

    Why they left him alone he doesn’t know, they clearly heard and saw him, as he wept on the stairs he felt the glowing red orbs of the creatures pass over him. There he stayed until someone came to the house and discovered the charnel scene that had played out in the living room.

    That was a month ago. Cade was put into the care of the government, and is still closely psychologically monitored. He is still clearly numb from what happened, he rarely speaks, and his counselling sessions tend to degrade into an hour of sullen silence. Cade is damaged goods, emotionally dead. Whether he stays that way depends on what happens now…
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