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Just to add my 2 cents...

If you are making an ooze and its type changes because of a template, it should change it. If it still has some remnants of its original type, then it should gain the Augmented subtype. Frankly, this strikes me that it should be an Outsider (Augmented Ooze).
Corrected. Thank you!

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Advancement: 7-12 (Medium) and 13-18 (Large). Creatures usually advance by one size category every time they double their HD.
Added. Once again, thanks.

And that is great information to know. I will try my best to memorize it.

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Now that it has sentience, what languages does it speak? Infernal should be obvious but it should be able to speak 4 languages due to its Intelligence.

I added that to the description (was that the wrong place?).

I could not think of a 4th language that fit, and common is a dead language in my multiverse, so it is rarely used.

Also, how was I supposed to increase the acid damage? I just looked at another ooze of around that CR and copied it. I did the same with the tail sting...