I actually enjoy the Black Lore Sentinel's bonuses. Anything that can make a stealth/magic being with that much power is pretty dang imposing. Though, yeah, the forcible ransacking of thoughts does sound good...

I don't know if I'd go as far as to call Hound "bland". I mean, it gives a Necromancer even more power than they initially had (especially with that embezzle ability)

Personally, I think Warstompers should all be one size category larger. I mean, Orc becomes tank... Just sayin'

Battlefiends scare the crap out of me. In the best way. I mean, usually when you try to vary that much you turn out more or less 'moderate at best'. This provides a nice source. Though I will admit they say "frontline warrior" more than they say "battlefield commander", and I'm inclined to see them as the latter... I'm also inclined to suggest special conjuring spells, possibly as a spell-like ability, so they always have the option to lead a force.
Still, they are quite imposing