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    Default Re: Ode to the Dark Gods - Five Evil God Prestige Classes (3.5 evil-oriented PrCs)

    Black Lore Sentinel Ability:

    Sinister Revelations: As a standard action, the sentinel can tap into the mind of an enemy within thirty feet that she has line of sight to. The opponent must succeed on a DC 10 + class level + Int modifier Will save or become staggered for one round as the sentinel gains the benefit of learning a mental weakness of the opponent. Within the next three rounds, the sentinel can use another standard action against the opponent to turn that glimpse of weakness into a mental assault. The enemy must succeed on a DC 15 + class level + Int modifier Will save or fall victim to one of the following effects:

    Denial: The opponent is blinded and deafened for three rounds.

    Guilt: For three rounds, the opponent must succeed against the original Will save DC or take only a move action for that round.

    Anger: The opponent is compelled to kill its allies for three rounds.

    Sadness: The opponent takes 2d6 nonlethal damage and 1 Charisma damage each round for three rounds.

    Defeat: Within the next three rounds, the sentinel can apply a -4 bonus to three rolls the victim makes.

    Warstomper Change:

    Check out the Gruumsh's Fist, Foot, and Other Fist abilities. I'm thinking maybe Other Fist replaces Fist by making him permanently one size larger.
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