Black Lore Sentinel Ability:
While I generally like this ability, the effects could probably benefit from some rebalancing - Anger appears clearly superior to the others. Defeat would be bette outside of combat, but otherwise I don't see why one would pick any effect other than anger (I'm sure there are times when you wouldn't want someone to kill all of his allies, but those times are infrequent). Or is it random?

On the Warstomper, I like this one more, but in all honesty I think the new abilities still seem kind of based around the character rather than the god. Perhaps alter the name of Greater Rage? I wish I could be more helpful.

I don't know if I'd go as far as to call Hound "bland". I mean, it gives a Necromancer even more power than they initially had (especially with that embezzle ability)
When I said bland, what I meant was that most of my 3.x experience comes from NWN, and the Hound looks a bit too similar to that game's (and presumably 3.0's) Pale Master for my liking. Admittedly, the Hound of Orcus is a much better class for a spellcaster, but still....

I'm also still trying to work on a prestige class for Nerull. The Reaper niche has been done time and time again for his associated classes. So, I was thinking something else. Or maybe just try my darndest to set the bar above what's been done before. For me, at th end of the day all PrCs should give out equal utility over a number of situations; the intrigue comes from the unique abilities that change your focus beyond the normal archetypes of RPGs that can be done to lesser extents with alternate builds.
Just some thoughts:

The Reverse Dungeon book for 2E had an Anti-Paladin who revered Nerull not because she was particularly fond of him but because she liked killing people, he liked people being killed, and hey! If he's willing to give you extra powers, why not?

Nerull's often portrayed as giving evil people extra power because he knows it'll make them better able to kill people. Perhaps reflect that?