One among many characters I use without regularity. The more regularly used ones ar eunlikely to be described any time soon.


"Heed my words, for they are grievous, and you called this fate upon yourself."

Titles: The Harbinger of Ill Omens, The Herald of Dark Prophecies, The Bringer of Bad News.
Race: Wintergaunt
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Age: Undead
Stuff: Nemo only carries his Ice Arms and Armor. These are, however, superior to the ice arms and armor of ye average wintergaunt.
Description: Nemo's been a servant of Draken and the Kyorl'Zuraj for a long, long time. What favour he called upon these dreadful beings has been forgotten to time, but the words he used were not, which indicates he hated a god.
Currently Nemo bids his time wandering the universe, the messenger of his foul masters, every now and then, he is sent to the ACRONYM world to threaten people with prophecies and to generally give bad news. His sense of humour is not dead and frozen, but it is only funny to him.