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    Name: Ludovic S.A.N.C.E.O.
    Race: Sentient Nanocolony.
    Gender: Male.
    Power Level: probably well over 14, albeit self-restricted to 7, "Because it's much more sporting this way".
    Alignment: Evilish, Neutralish.
    Physical Appearance: Ludovic Sanceo is tall, although not nearly as tall as Martin. He is perhaps 6'10". He wears a slim, pale grey tuxedo, which upon closer inspection appears to be a bulked down suit of powered armor. His head is enclosed in a silvery, opaque domed visor, which completely obscures his features. He wears special gloves that attach to the suit, which is completely sealed against the environment.
    Equipment Carried: Ludovic usually carries no equipment, although he does always wear his suit. Sometimes he will be found carrying his valise or his cane.
    Personality: Ludovic, or Vic to his closer associates, is a very warm, lighthearted fellow, unusual for most evil individuals. He's always got a kind word for those who are down, and he is always willing to help out others when they're in need. He has what passes for charisma and wit, although it often has darker undertones. Unfortunately, he is, under his surface, a very cruel and manipulative person. He will often point someone in the 'right' direction to further his schemes, and his advice will sometimes lead the advisee directly into trouble. He always has a sceme in mind, and those around him will find themselves, willing, witting, or not, drawn into them for his benefit. He enjoys having people sign contracts with him, especially if they end up owing him a favor. Favors are rather flexible in definition. He appears to refer to himself in the third person, although it's actually because he's a composite of several trillion nanites.
    Backstory: Ludovic began his life, or approximation, as a liquid-state robot, built by Martin. He was eventually upgraded into a nanite swarm, and equipped with a prototype time drive. His last name is actually his original designation-Sentient Ambient Nanite Colony Experiment One. After a while, Ludovic was given the ability to slowly upgrade his own hardware, although he still depended on Martin for software updates. Martin also installed an AI, which he still regrets, as he hates Ludovic's slightly stuffy British persona. Ludovic hitched a ride with Martin when he crossed dimensions, and has his own agenda. He has since refined his time drive, and has used it to 'live' from the birth of creation to the end of the universe more than once.
    Speech: Ludovic talks like this. With a bit of a British accent.
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