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    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-elf
    Occupation: Shadowcaster working as a bounty hunter
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Backstory: Michalson has a tendency towards killing or severely hurting people who ask about his past, which leads to a conclusion it's not very pleasant. Another clue would be his constant state of anger and agression towards the rest of the world. There must also have been some sort of accident that gave him several unhealable wounds- one on his forehead, one on each of his forearms and one of his right hand, luckily he is left-handed. Either way, what he was doing before becoming a succesful bounty hunter is a mystery. Michalson is ruthless and compassionless, but he views unnecesary sadism and curelty with disdain, as a silly waste of time and effort. As to his other personality traits, it's sufficient to say that he's an arrogant, misanthropic d*ck. He fervently worships a deity known as Lady Death, who is in fact Mother Eve in her aspect of the Crone, but he doesn't know that.
    Appearance: Michalson is a quite tall, extremely skinny half-elf. He's got a strong loathing for sunlight, so he keeps his skin covered by long grey robe, hood and veil. He's got several stiched wounds, gaunt eyes and pale skin, which doesn't endear him to people. He has unkempt brown haird and a short beard.
    Abilities: Michalson practices form of magic known as shadowcasting, that is based on manipulating shadows, mists and smoke, as well as, to a limited degree, perception. It allows him to achieve various effects, his favorite being forming shadows into black thorns that strangle and stab his enemies or protect him. He's also good at "jumping" from place to place through shadows. He's very frail physically, so he relies on his magic.
    Equipment: Michalson's equipment consist of his staff, that he uses to help him channel magical power and as a weapon, his clothing and his spellbook. His robe is seemingly non-magical, but Michalson knows a spell that makes it able to deflect blows. He also has his rat familiar, Gink, who follows him around, usually sitting on the shadowmage's shoulder and is the only living being Michalson treats with a semblance of respect and affection.
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