Gender: N/a (Appears and acts male to appear more physically powerful. Were he to have flesh he would choose to be female due to dangly bits.)
Race: Moon
Age: 4.527 Billion years old. Give or take ten million.
Alignment: Apathetic Evil
Class (or approximation): Celestial
Power Rating (optional): 10
Description: Imagine the moon. Now shrink it down to the size of a golf-cart. Now put an insubstantial robed body beneath it, for flavor.
Equipment and Abilities: Has a menagerie of technology in his extra-dimensional room. Can bend the waves of gravity to the effect of super-powerful telekenisis. Has been known to use magic from time to time.
Backstory: Once upon a time there was nothing. then there was something. After a long while that something formd into Thea, which crashed into a molten pile of slag, which then formed the Earth (Terra) and the Moon (Phase). Voila.
Miscellaneous: Has numerous cults/religions worshipping him. Dislikes things that exist. Rivals with Sol.