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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Tyler Vanden
    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown
    Age: 27
    Alignment: Neutral/Evil
    Class (or approximation): Sorcerer/Marksman
    Affiliation: Peace

    Description: Tyler's default appearancence is short, dark blond hair and blue eyes. He's well build, though he's often wearing padded leathers which don't show much of his actual muscle. Tyler always carries a black pistol with him. He frequently fiddles with it, trying to figure out new ways to make it shoot faster, or other types of weaponry. With a bit of magic, the gun can now shoot small lightning shocks.

    Backstory: Tyler knows nothing up to the time he was 21 years old. Whether that's due to some sort of suspended animation, amnesia, or something else is unknown. However, he soon realized that he was something rare, an involuntary shapeshifter. On occasion, he transforms without warning into a random form, but he most often changes when he makes eye contact, often gaining a few of his target's features. The process is usually incredibly painful for him, and because of this, he never looks people in the eye, giving him either a timid or arrogant disposition depending on how one looks at it. Tyler devoted his life to organizational murders, finding a group of people he identifies with, and killing their critics or despondants. More to come, in time.
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