Name: Birdie
Gender: Male (Though he's a skeleton, so it doesn't matter)
Race: Skeletal Raven
Age: Very Old
Alignment: Neutral
Class (or approximation):...Bird?

Description: Birdie looks exactly as one would expect him to look. He's a skeletal raven, who somehow can caw and fly as if he were alive. Apparently, he's taken a liking to circular pink glasses. Funny, that.

Backstory: Birdie was once a raven in a blighted land who died of disease in a graveyard. A young Nerull, not even a god at that point, came into the graveyard and cassed a mass animate dead spell, reviving all the dead corpses, including Birdie's. After hundreds of battles, Birdie was the only survivor of the original crop of undead. When Nerull ascended to godhood, Birdie was left sitting on a post in Nerull's maddening realm, to either leave hints or harm the lost souls trying to find their way, depending on Birdie's mood.

Miscellaneous: Despite being an undead bird, Birdie is highly intelligent. Though he cannot speak in common (Though he does speak Avian). He currently lives with Rabbit, though he spends a lot of time around Amour's Temple.