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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Someone(Sonny for short/less confusing)

    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Age: Unknown around 5,000 years old but stuck in 21 year old body
    Alignment: Chaotic Good (kind of leads towards neutral sometimes)
    Class (or approximation): A forgotten pirate class
    Power Rating (optional): 5.5
    Description: A normal elf with bandana blue shirt that says GRR eyepatch

    Equipment and Abilities: Sword, gun, shirt, pants, bandana, eyepacth, basic survival equipment, pirate plunder, bag o holding

    Backstory: Sonny (original name was Kevin) was born in the town of iris, the head base for all ninjistu activity. Kevin then was dubbed the chosen one from the ancient prophecy. The trained until he was 15 when a pirate, raided the city. They tormented Kevin because he failed to protect them so he left on the next ship and threw off all his past and denied his destiny. He became a great pirate. Then when he meets his old friend Rose he joined her adventuring party. Where he meets his best friend Cosh and Edward the paladin. After he saved the world by sacrificing himself, the gods were angry and cursed him until he could fulfill his destiny. So the forever travels to new world went he die’s or after a certain period of time forever until he fulfill his destiny

    Miscellaneous: He travels with his partner Clucky the evil chicken mage whose world was accidentally destroyed by Sonny. He hates Sonny but has to go with him to survive.

    Did I do it right? i tried to keep his backstory short and simple i could have put so much more but thats the basic gist of it
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