I Will muder you all
Gender: Male
Race: Chicken
Age: 53 (about 30 in human years)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class (or approximation): Mage
Power Rating (optional): 8
Description: he looks like just a normal chicken

Equipment and Abilities: Powerful Magic not from this world, Bag of never ending Clucky feed

Backstory:He met Sonny while in exile from his home city, they became partners until Sonny die to save him. unknown to Sonny that was a Big disgrace to the Chicken kind they put a powerful spell so he has to be feed from this bag By someone else, the worse punishment for Clucky cause he had to relie on others. When hew meet Sonny again long story short he accedently disrtoy the whole planet. Clucky then travles with Sonny.

Miscellaneous: hes not form this world so his magic is diffent from most peoples.