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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Race: Human-Cyborg
    Age: Appears to be early 30's, late 20's.
    Alignment: Neutral Good (with chaotic good tendencies)
    Affiliation: GloG, Halo.
    Class: Techie (D20 modern, very D&D compatable)
    Power Level: 7-ish
    Description: He has black hair. His skin is a pale, generic, caucasian shade. He wears sleek looking black sunglasses, and people looking at them can see colored lights, most of which are a light shade of green. His eyes are made a light, metal alloy. The color of the eye is green. in the center, lenses, constantly adjusting and focusing can be seen. little green and red outlines of people and object can be seen, and occasional numbers and such, though most of it is to small to make out. He wears a black, leather jacket that ends half way between the waist and the knees. He has a black belt with silver colored belt buckle. he generally wears a grey shaded t-shirt. He also has a robotic hand and various cybernetic implants.
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