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    Samantha Goswell

    Gender: Female
    Race: Branded (Think half werecreature, half human)
    Age: 56, looks 28
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Power Rating: 5
    Description: Tall, cream coloured skin, long red hair, has some kind of black birhtmark that looks like a tattoo on her left wrist. Wears modern clothes, has a gun holstered at her side. Generally looks haggerd due to her tending not to sleep.
    Equipment and abilities: Has a custom upgraded Glock 17, along with a snub nose revolver and never less than three knives on her at all times. She uses an MP5 on missions. She has a special bracelet that nullifes psionic effects targeting her. She has heightened reflexes, dextertity and physical strength from her Branded blood. Due to decades of constant practice, she is a super-olympian marksman with any firearm.
    Backstory: Sam is a counter-terror expert, one of the foremost in her field. She has trained with the SAS and most other counter-terrorism groups from all countries. Spends most of her time working with Scotland Yard and lives in GLoG. More of her backstory to be added later.
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