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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Choker
    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Probably rogue
    Power Rating: 2
    Description: Grey, rubbery skin, sharp teeth and claws, long arm and leg tentacles in comparison to overall height, about 30 pounds in weight and two feet high. Wears a bandoleer with pockets in and short trousers. Absolutely bald.
    Equipment: Bandoleer, trousers, lockpicks and a Swiss Army knife.
    Abilities: Good climber, unnaturally fast, darkvision (60ft) constriction, lock picking and strong grip.
    Backstory: After being driven off by an expanding settlement of minotaur, he fled and hid in an underground city of gnomes, where he avoided the authorities on the rooftops. Eventually, he hid under a wagon on its way out and made his way to the surface.
    Miscellaneous: He might be useful as an assassin, but he may eat the corpses. Most people call him Chak.
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