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    First let me say sorry for getting back to/posting in this thread for so long. Due to classes semester ending I was forces to put things on hold, but I have been working on these (and others) on and off for at least three weeks. Since I now have a small vacation from I am spending most of it finially finish my campaign multiverse's website, and I have spent the last three days day-and-night just reading over my new copy of Deities & Demigods while trying to stat these out (plus one other actual deity). Been working on Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly OCD like the last two days and night (but I am quite please so far ). Once I finish Queen Frostine I plan to finish filling in and updating the rest of the dieties and pantheons.

    I am also simultaneous working on my Prinny Land, and some other projects, so my attentions and time are divide. Sorry again!

    First off, info on how I want the archomentals to work in my cosmology (because I changed a few things, like having domains):

    Archomentals are powerful exemplary beings of the Elemental Planes and the rulers of the elementals. Although most are not truly rulers of their planes, archomentals like to consider themselves as much and often grant themselves regal titles like Prince or Princess. They are comparable to the archfiends or celestial paragons, and most are equivalent to quasi-level deities. In addition, archomentals are able to bestow upon those who worship them the domain of the element they hold power over (Air, Candy, Cold, Earth, Fire, Plant [for Wood], Pleasure [for Lust] [BoEF], Slime [for Ooze], or Water), and the domain of their chosen alignment (Evil or Good).

    As other semi-divine beings, it is possible for archomentals to advance in divine rank through worshipers, or other means.

    Evil Archomentals:

    The evil archomentals are collectively known as the Princes of Elemental Evil. The seven most famous are:
    • Chlimbia, prince of magma creatures. In The Inner Planes (TSR, 1998) he is described as evil tyrant. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Earth, Fire)
    • Cryonax, prince of evil cold creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Cold, Evil)
    • Imix, prince of evil fire creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Evil, Fire)
    • Lord Licorice, self-proclaimed duke of evil candy creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Candy, Evil)(See Other Deities & Powers below.)
    • Ogrémoch, prince of evil earth creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Earth, Evil)
    • Olhydra, princess of evil water creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Evil, Water)
    • Yan-C-Bin, prince of evil air creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Air, Evil)

    Good Archomentals:

    The good archomentals are collectively known as the Elemental Princes of Good. The six most famous are:

    • Ben-Hadar, prince of good water creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Good, Water)
    • Chan, princess of good air creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Air, Good)
    • Entemoch and Sunnis, prince and princess of good earth creatures. (Divine Rank(s): 0)(Domains: Earth, Good)
    • Princess Lolly, princess of good candy creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Candy, Dream, Good)(See Other Deities & Powers below.)
    • Queen Frostine, queen of good candy creatures. (Divine Rank: 3)(Domains: Candy, Good)(See Other Deities & Powers below.)
    • Zaaman Rul, prince of good fire creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Fire, Good)

    Archomentals of Uncertain Alignment:

    Two other archomentals are mentioned in Manual of the Planes (TSR, 1987). Only their names and planes are given; it is unknown if they are evil or good.

    • Bwimb, prince of ooze creatures. (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Earth, Slime, Water)
    • Ehkahk, prince of smoke creatures from the . (Divine Rank: 0)(Domains: Air, Fire)

    The candy archomentals:

    Lord Licorice
    Archomental (Neutral Evil) (Divine Rank: 0)

    Lord Licorice is the archomental of evil candy elementals. He despises joy and laughter, and schemes endless to overthrow Queen Frostine as the ruler of the Elemental Plane of Candy.

    He rules the licorice wastelands of candy land from his own fortified edible city, Licorice Castle. Although tasty, it is gloomy place where laughter and play are forbidden. He is served by the licorice men, a living race of licorice.

    Like Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice seems more humanoid than candy. He resembles a sly looking elf with a well groomed goatee and cliche villainous mustache. He dresses in extravagant attire, with his entire wardrobe dominated by violets and dark purples.

    Although often quite disagreeable, he is in fact a very charismatic individual of great intellect. His wit and sharp tongue are nearly as potent as his ample military prowess.

    Portfolio: Evil, conquest, destruction, greed, hatred, war.
    Domains: Candy, Evil.

    Clergy Training:
    Lord Licorice has few temples, almost all of which lie within the walls of Licorice Castle. Satellite farming and herding communities of licorice men near Licorice Castle are required to have at least a small chapel built in his name, and small isolated communities scattered around the Elemental Plane of Candy and elsewhere on the multiverse may have small shrines dedicated to him.

    Lord Licorice's faithful often take quests to obtain powerful artifacts and magic items to bolster Lord Licorice's legions. The also take up any opportunity to undermine Queen Frostine power, or the stability of her kingdom.

    Lord Licorice's clergy perform ceremonies before military battles against Queen Frostine's forces to assure victory. They also perform service over the completion of a new licorice men regiment.

    Lord Licorice is a member of the Princes of Elemental Evils.

    He despises Queen Frostine, and is driven by his sole desire to destroy her and gain complete dominion over the Elemental Plane of Candy. He will commit to any alliance which will help him further this goal.

    Lord Licorice's Realm:
    Lord Licorice reigns over the licorice wastelands of Candy Land from his walled city Licorice Castle. There he rules over the licorice men and an assortment of other evil candy creatures.

    The city is a place without laughter, play, or merriment, for Lord Licorice abhors such things and has long since outlawed them. This has made the city a grim, quiet, and soulless place. All citizens are required to serve in the lord's vast military.

    The daily management of the city and it's armed forces are done my the lord's herald, the Black Licorice King.

    Strangely Licorice Castle and the licorice wastelands are the only settlement and site which the Candy Road does not pass through.

    Herald and Allies:

    Lord Licorice's herald is the Black Licorice King, a 12 level aristocrat and 10 level cleric. The Black Licorice King runs Licorice Castle and it's licorice men armies in Lord Licorice's absence, as he is often locked away in his study plotting against Queen Frostine. Although the Black Licorice King seems loyal to Lord Licorice, he makes no secret of his own desire for power, or his quest to become an archomental himself.

    Besides his herald and the other Princes of Elemental Evil, Lord Licorice's only known ally of any importance is the demon lord Eblis: Of the Unbended Knee, for the two share a similar mentality and similar uphill battles.

    Princess Lolly
    Archomental (Neutral Goof) (Divine Rank: 0)

    Princess Lolly is the sole child of Queen Frostine and her herald King Candy. She is considered the patron of innocence and children by many, though she has not reached demigod status like her mother. Aside from the candy elementals, she is also worshipped by the children of other races in Candy Land, and by those who choose not to completely loose their childlike passion or dreams upon reaching adulthood. Recently her worship has begun to spread to the children, and the young at heart, of the Prime Material and other planes.

    Like her mother, Princess Lolly seems more humanoid than an archetype of candy. She resembles a blossoming young human girl in her mid years of adolescence. She has inherited her mother's beauty, though she posses a more playful appearance and manner.

    While a very proper and well behaved girl in important events and public appearances, once away from her parents' ever watchful eyes she lets her carefree (and often reckless) nature loose. She can often be seen among the common folk playing with the children of Candy Castle.

    Some scholars speculate that she nears demi-divine status, for along with the domains of her element and alignment, she has recently obtained the power to grant a third domain to her faithful. It is believed this might be due to her steadily increasing number of petitioners.

    Portfolio: Children, dreams, hope, innocence, love, peace.
    Domains: Candy, Dream, Good.

    Although Princess Lolly's temples are few and far between, they often serve the local people by provide free child care for the community. In fact, the temples are decorated and arranged to be able to serve as both gathering halls for prayer service and daycares with minimal rearrangement needed.

    Princess Lolly's clergy and temples also care for a treat sick and injured children, and many have arrangement with local governments for permission and/or funding to serve as local orphanages.

    Princess Lolly's clergy begin their training as acolytes in charge of caring for their settlement's children at the temple's daycare, as well as raising the orphans left in the temple's care. Those chosen to be elevated to adepts are then trained to care for the sick in the temple's child infirmary.

    The clergy of Princess Lolly are also trained in the art of treating dental maladies, for the temples always posses large quantities of candy to give out to well behaved children. Many temples even have small kitchens and shops where they produce all manner of delicious treats, most of which they sell to help fund their order and their charity programs.

    Follower of Princess Lolly often go on quests to aid children in need. This can involve rescuing children taken by monsters, obtaining medicine needed for a plague running rampant among the children of a community, or something as simple as helping a child find it's lost pet. Many also go on quests to obtain wealth and medical items in order to aid one of Princess Lolly's temples.

    The clergy of Princess Lolly bless new births within a community, and many are trained as delightful entertainers for birthday celebrations.

    Princess Lolly tries to aid her mother as best she can, and strongly dislikes Lord Licorice and the Evil Princes of Elemental Evil.

    She is known to be on good terms with the other Elemental Princes of Good.

    Princess Lolly's Realm:
    Princess Lolly shares her mother's realm.

    Herald and Allies:

    Mr. Mint

    Princess Lolly's herald is a candy elemental with 20 levels of fighter named Mr. Mint. Mr. Mint serves as her personal body guard, and has become a mentor of sorts to her. Although Princess Lolly is quite fond of Mr. Mint, and sees him as another father figure, she often tries to sneak away from him to go play and have fun.

    She is close friends with the young daughter of the king of the sweettooth dwarf clan from the gumdrop mountains, Princess Gimgret.

    Queen Frostine
    Archomental of demigod status (Neutral Good) (Divine Rank: 3)

    Queen Frostine is an archomental of candy, and is the current ruler of the Elemental Plane of Candy (aka Candy Land). She is a kind and gentle being, though quite capable of doing what is needed in troubled times. She is a powerful force for good within the inner planes, and strongly opposes the Princes of Elemental Evil. She counts herself among the Elemental Princes of Good.

    Although an arcotype for candy creatures, Queen Frostine has a very humanoid form, with beautiful light fey-like skin which is warm to the touch, and features similar to that of humans and elves. She is of great physical attractiveness, and is known throughout the multiverse for her unearthly beauty. She is said to rival Malcanthe's beauty, but in the very opposite of ways.

    Although pleasing to the eyes, Queen Frostine is even more well known for the sweetness of her personality, and the kindness of her soul. She is elegant and pleasant to be in the company of, and is a kind and caring individual with a passion to help and protect all life, not only those of candy origin. This is one of the reasons her worship has spread to the other planes, and has helped in her rise in divine rank.

    Unlike most archomentals, Queen Frostine is acknowledged as the true ruler of her elemental plane by an overwhelming majority of it's inhabitants (with the obvious exception of Lord Licorice and his licorice men), as well as by outside powers. This has been one factor in her ascension to demigod status.

    Portfolio: Beauty, candy, community, kindness, peace, protection, royalty.
    Domains: Candy, Charm, Community, Good, Nobility, Protection.

    Clergy Training:



    Queen Forstine's closet allies are the other archoelementals who together form the Elemental Princes of Good. She strongly apposes the Princes of Elemental Evil.

    Her greatest rival is Lord Licorice, who constantly tries to usurp her reign over Candy Land. He leads his loyal Licorice Men against her, and has mounted sieges of Castle Candy in the past.

    Queen Frostine's Realm:
    Queen Frostine rules over Candy Land from Candy Castle, a walled metropolis sized city located at the very center of the Elemental Plane of Candy. The city, like it's candy inhabitants, is almost entirely built out of the natural materials found on the Elemtnal Plane of Candy. Candy Castle could be described as the dream of every cavity filled child on the Prime Material made real. Gingerbread apartment housing, candy cane public light fixtures, lollipop road signs, and hard candy fountains spewing liquified chocolate are among the first things likely to catch an adventurer's eye as she enter the city for the first time.

    At the castle's very center lies another smaller palace. Here is where Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly, and their heralds King Candy and Mr. Mint reside.

    The city is surrounded by four massive defensive candy walls, which are at all times being patrolled and monitored. The only entrance into Candy Castle is an enormous gateway at the center of it's southern wall, which possesses a retractable gingerbread drawbridge, and a candy cane portcullis which can be quickly lowered (both of which have been permanently affected by the Candy to Iron spell). Circling around the outer wall is a large moat, which is filled and continually refreshed by an underground river of refreshing blueberry soda.

    The city is inhabited by the candy elementals and other creatures from throughout the Elemental Plane of Candy. Even good aligned licorice men are welcomed within the city's walls. Candy Castle is also home to various non-native creatures from across the planes (after promising not to eat their fellow citizens, of course), and is a well known center for trade throughout the multiverse.

    Outside the southern gate, starting from where the gingerbread drawbridge ends when lowered, begins the infamous Candy Road. Candy Road is a seemingly endless road made out of various hard candy square tiles laid out in a consistent pattern of red, green, blue, yellow, orange then violet. The road spirals and zigzags across the whole of Candy Land, and is ever growing longer as the Elemental Plane of Candy, like all infinite planes, is ever unrolling and expanding in all directions.

    Candy Road passes through all the great sites of the Elemental Plane of Candy, and all it's major settlements. A couple miles before each site or location, there is a sign post embedded into the ground beside the candy tiled road detailing the upcoming location. These posts are made of a candy cane pole with a large jawbreaker at it's top, and a plank of gingerbread carved into the form of a pointing hand on which the location's name is engraved. Strangely, the poles are always pointing in the proper direction, and if the poles are ever altered, eaten, or destroyed they are always mysteriously restored by the time the next travelers come upon it.

    In addition, the sign posts only ever point in the direction which will eventually lead to Candy Castle, and there are no sign posts for locations pointing in the opposite direction. So travelers heading in the direction away from Candy Castle will only ever discover sign posts detailing the locations they have just come from, and never any detailing where they are heading.

    Herald and Allies:

    King Candy

    Queen Frostine's herald and consort is a candy elemental with 23 levels of cleric named King Candy However, the title of king is more a sign of respect than his actual pistion of power. King Candy deals with the day-to-day management of Candy Castele and it's people, to allow Queen Frostine to focus on the entire plane, Lord Licorice, and treats from outside foces. He also manages the kingdom's military forces, and upon Queen Frostine's request acts as an ambassador and diplomat for the realm and plane.

    Among Queen Frostine's most notable allies are the king of the sweettooth dwarf clan from the gumdrop mountains, and the muchkin (a subrace of gnomes native to the Elemental Plane of Candy) mayor of Munchkin City within the district of OZ.

    Can you guy (and gals!) please look these over and tell me what you think? I am still very new to making up and stating deities, so I could use some advice and criticism. I am just glad I had the original Candy Land characters to go off, and the poster who was nice enough to suggest them to me.

    Also, can anyone please give me some suggestions for Queen Frostine's Clergy Training, Quests, and Rites? I am currently having a really hard time comeing up with these parts for her. I just can not imagine anythings which will fit properly (or at all) for this unique character. Princess Lolly was much easier for me for some reason (probably because what I wrote fits me for some reason), and Lord Licorice's was simply based on his relationship/rivalry with Queen Frostine.

    And can those experienced/skilled with divine magic please help me come up with a Candy Domain? I kind of wrote myself into a corner there. I have next to no experience with divine or arcane magic, so I do not know where to start. I have gotten some great help in my Prinny Land thread with another domain, so I am hoping lightning will strike twice. Or at the very least can someone explain the basics/concept of making your own domain in D&D 3.5, so I can learn from it? Also, there are some great candy spells suggestions in this thread that can be used, as well as the Candy to Iron spell I mentioned in Queen Frostine's entry (I imagined it to simply be a quick conversion of the Wood to Iron spell I believe is in the PHB).

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Thank you whoever it was that give me the suggestion of Queen Frostine ruling the Elemental Plane of Candy! I love it like you would not believe.
    • starwoof, thank you so much for the licorice men!
    • According to Deities & Demigods archomentals and other beings like the animal lords are equivalent to quasi-deities (Divine Rank of 0).
    • In Deities & Demigods it said that if you had a single overall deity (forgot the term), or only good deities that you could give the demon lords and such domains, or even make them demigods (Divine Rank of 1-5). Or if left as quasi-deities you could give them domains, but limit them in some way. I took this idea and used it for the archomentals (and the demon lords and such, but that is another thread.)
    • Thank you already, just psting and formatting this here I already spotted some serious errors and typing mistakes I made!

    I am at exactly the two week (14 days) limit for threads, so I believe it is all good.
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