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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    I rarely participate in the ACRONYM stuff anymore, but might as well.

    Name: SurlySeraph
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 53
    Alignment: Lawful Good. Except when he's Lawful Neutral.
    Class: Paladin/Gray Guard. Levels in Cleric (for overpowered spells) and Monk (for punching people) when the plot demands.
    Power Rating: 6
    Description: Unremarkable skin, grey eyes, unkempt grey hair and beard.
    Equipment: Armor, holy symbol, and a lot of axes.
    Abilities: SMITE EVIL. Oh, and some spells (mostly healing and destroying), passable unarmed combat skills, and a pretty great ability to soak up damage.
    Backstory: Born in the Forgotten Realms, started out as a monk worshipping the death god Jergal. Became a skilled adventurer known for killing the hell out of demons. Was eventually recruited into an interplanar order of paladins. Was a cleric of St. Cuthbert for a while. Now worships all paladin-ish gods collectively, and will call upon whichever one is most applicable to the situation he's in at the moment. Though he is still a great hero, he has gotten increasingly reactionary and ill-tempered in his old age.
    Miscellaneous: Surly is often courageous to the point of idiocy.
    Surly tends to be relentless and obsessive in pursuit of what he considers the greater good.
    Kind and loving to those he trusts, even when they are evil. Those he trusts are rather few, however.
    As he's done quite a lot on behalf of various Lawful and/or Good deities, Surly can sometimes call in favors from very, very high places.
    Prone to ranting about morality. Earplugs are advised.
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