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    The Third

    Gender: Male

    Race: Unknown

    Age: 24

    Alignment: Chaotic. No, not chaotic neutral/evil/good, just chaotic.

    Power Rating: It varies. Unless a vast quantity of the universe suddenly goes boom, it'll be about 4-5 offensive/??? defensive. The ??? here means "Very very high number as he is incredibly reluctant to stay dead...assuming you can kill him at all."

    Appearance: Well, The Third is a shapeshifter, among other things, so it's very hard to say what his appearance is. The most common form he takes is of a dark haired man with rather pale skin, dressed in a mostly black suit, except for a white shirt and grey hat. One other common form is simply that of a dark, floating, shadowy humanoid.

    Equipment: None. Well, none that stays constant anyway. He has various bits and pieces that he can use, kept safe in a secure little stash somewhere. He rarely has much more than a knife and a bit of money.

    Abilities: Well, he's a shapeshifter for starters. He also happens to be capable of becoming incorporeal at will. Oh, and he teleports.

    He is also permanently surrounded by an aura of hatred. Most people able to see him tend to find themselves hating him, for no reason at all. There's just something about him...something that makes everyone glare at him and develop a burning hatred, assuming they fail multiple will saves. You'd have to be pretty damn lucky to be completely immune to its effects though. He can dismiss the aura at will, but he has it up almost all the time.

    As well as this, The Third can cause a similar aura to develop around other people, although it's normally far more concentrated and generally effects only one person, usually someone who already harbours a hatred for the person surrounded by the aura.

    In combat, The Third relies on an unnaturally high resistance to almost everything, as well as a high speed and quite a bit of skill with a variety of weapons.

    Backstory: That's for me to know, and you to find out...for now at least. I will say that The Third has not always been what he is now, but his memories of his life before changing into what he is have been wiped away. Also, he has only been what he is for four years.

    Miscellaneous: The Third is literally Hatred Incarnate.
    As his name may suggests, The Third is not the first of his kind.
    The Third is manipulative, and has a way with words. When his powers fail to work, he often lies and "persuades" until the desired result is achieved.
    The Third dislikes getting into fights, and will often do whatever he can to steer clear of them.
    Despite having a deep hatred of everyone and everything, The Third has a large number of pet cats. It's not unusual for one to accompany him.
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