I like most of this...

A few things though.

Surging Attack is far to powerful, especially for a Warblade, who can use it every other round. I like it, but I'm pretty sure the extra standard actions all around isn't a good thing, especially on top of a lot of healing. I'd honestly say it would be balanced with just the healing (although then it plays havoc with the "maneuvers outside of combat" thing). Might be allowable if it was, say, a counter or boost that could be used only when you were hit by a critical hit, or when you scored a critical hit, or when you are reduced to 0 hp or 50% hp. Something like that...it needs a limiting factor if it's to keep that much power.

The only other thing is that I'd like to see those stances' death abilities function as long as you're below 0 hp. Saying you have to die is a little much, in my opinion. This way it's not that much stronger, but you have the chance to fall, rally your opponents, and then recover. If you STAY down, they'll get a bunch of fun abilities...it's more of a trade that way, and I like the way you don't have to completely trade your life for a benefit.

Just my 2cp.