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Umm...to be honest, I think this might be a bit beyond me. I've got no experience with anything before 3rd edition, and it does sound like something of an endeavor. Good luck with it.
It's as easy as replacing all Will saving throws with Saving Throws vs. Spells with your enemy taking your Charisma bonus as a penalty, changing the dueling Fortitude save in Resounding Iron to dueling Saving Throws vs. Death Magic (with the the chance of both combatants being stunned) and changing any maneuver that deducts AC to adding it and vice versa (the lower the better in older editions).

Also any reference to lowering AC up to your base attack bonus would be changed to increaseing your AC for up to one point for every point of THAC0 under 20. THAC0 was the threshold to hit while a target's AC lowed their attackers' THAC0. Saving Throws were similar to THAC0 in that regard. They were thresholds, not bonuses.