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Anyways, I have just one tiny gripe about the lvl 4 Maneuver, Risky Gambit. It says you provoke an AoO from an opponent every time you attack them after initiating the maneuver, but in D&D aren't you restricted to one and only one AoO against a single target (with Combat Reflexes you get more, but only 1 against a single target)? I may be wrong, but in the event that I'm not, maybe you could change the wording to:
With Combat Reflexes, you can make multiple AoO's against the same enemy. The idea was that you either use Risky Gambit to take advantage of an enemy's Combat Reflexes, or you couple it with maneuvers that target multiple enemies, like Assassin-Slaying Ruse or Mithral Tornado.

Edit: Agh, more stuff to write about. In the text of Oath of the unfailing commander, there is a phrase that reads:
"However, your enemies cannot attack any ally adjacent to you, and take a -5 penalty on any attacks rolls made against your enemies."
I believe the word "enemies" at the end is a typo. Maybe you meant "your allies"? If so, you should add in a range at which this is effective.
Nice catch, I'll fix that.