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    So the thing is I hate the XP costs system. I think D&D is a good system, but Xp costs are just bull****. How can you possibly lose your very experience when MAKING AN ITEM!!?? It makes no sense. Some undead drainning your levels I can understand as they drain your essence something casting a spell or making an item shouldn't do. Anyway undead don't take levels they inflict negative levels which I think is different. Still I think there should be no permanent level loss from negative levels.
    My fix would be. If the fort save is not succesful the negative level persists until cured (restoration and the like)

    Crafting is a tougher nut to crack, but I'd say. Have crafting XP. You gain crafting xp at a rate equal to 1/4 of your XP total. You can use them for crafting with costs equal to the normal amounts. If you wish to craft over the Crafting XP then

    you get to pay in Con penalties.

    between 1-500 xp -2 to Con
    501-1000 -4 to Con
    1001- 1500 -6 to Con
    and so on

    These effects persist for 48 hours. The costs stack. If for example you pay 200 XP to create an item when you have no crafting XP left you take a -2 to Con. If you then create an item with an XP cost of 150 you still stay at -2 Con. For this reason you must record the costs

    Now onto spell costs which are the hardest one of them all.
    I would say something like this
    0-50 negligible
    51-200 Fatigued
    201-450 Exhausted
    451-800 Exhausted and an additional -2 to Con
    801-1300 Exhausted and an additional -6 to Con and -2 to Dex
    1301-1800 You are Exhausted, you collapse* and take a -6 to Con and -2 to Dex
    1801-2500 You are Exhausted you collapse*, you take a -6 to Con, a -4 to Dex, a -2 to Str and a -2 to Cha
    2501-8000 You are exhausted, You collapse* You take a -6 to all physical stats and a -2 to all mental stats and the duration of the effect doubles
    8000+ You are exhausted, you collapse*. You take a -6 to all stats and the duration of the effect triples

    If you already have some penalties of the spell you are casting you go up in the penalty ladder one step. If you still cannot take all the new effects without them being redundant due to old penalties you lose the spell. the penalties cannot take you lower than 3 in any given stat and if for this reason you are unable to take the full effects the spell is also lost.
    The normal duration for the effects is six hours.

    *Collapsing. You collapse under the strain on your mind/body and fall unconsciout for one full hour.

    Penalties on getting raised

    You take a -6 on Con a -4 on Dex and Str. you take a -4 on all mental stats. You are also fatigued. These penalties persist for one week if you did not engage in strenuous activity and rested for a 2/3 of the time. If you do not do so double the duration.

    Note: None of the penalties unless specifically noted may be healed with means other than waiting the time out.
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