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    Lacrimos Superior

    Gender: Male
    Race: Halfling
    Age: 87
    Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
    Class: Ranger b/w Sniping
    Power Rating: 4

    Dressed in very fine, if not quite beat up travelling clothes. His cloak is gold embroidered, and he's wearing a purple silk shirt. His face is tanned and wrinkled, but dispite his age he still moves rather swift and sure.

    Equipment and Abilities: Lacrimos has an average, if not well decorated, bow, as well as a number of mundane items stowed in several pouches on his belt. This includes a travel journal where he writes anything and everything down. The only significantly powerful peice of equipment he has is his Joint Amplifier Set, a seires of metal rings that amplify his natural abilities and allow him to cost spells at a heavy cost.
    Backstory: something like bastard lord's son turned murderer turned rancher turned rebel turned wanderer turned spy turned hero turned lord turned old guy. Also something about being fated to bring tears or something.
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