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    Default Re: [3.5]Need candy versios of powers+spells and some monsters/locations for "Candy L

    I need some advice. I have recently remembered the Elemental Clerics from Dark Sun, who I believe gained their powers from "powerful elemental".

    I got a copy of Dragon #319 from ebay, which arrived yesterday. For those who know, it's a miniature "update"/"Rulebook" for the Dark Sun campaign setting, which has the Elemental Clerics in it.

    A few hours ago while reading it I realized that these Elemental Clerics must probably be getting their powers and being saved (when they "Put themselves completely at the mercy of their chosen element") archomentals, so it hit me that they would probably the clerics and servants of the candy archomentals (posted above).

    I like this idea, but am having a very hard time trying to figure out how the whole part about putting themselves at the complete mercy of their chosen element like jumping of a cliff (Air), being buried alive (Earth), burning yourself at the stake (Fire), or throwing yourself in a well (Water) in the hopes of getting the "attention" of a "powerful elemental" to save/spare them and chose to give them spells, could be worked for the candy ones. How can someone put themselves "completely at the mercy" of the element of candy?! Anyone know a way to solve this conundrum? Can't think of a thing at the moment myself.

    You can learn about the the Elemental Clerics either in Dragon #319, the official Dark Sun website here: http://www.athas.org/products/ds3 (under the Magic section), or in trusty old wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Sun#Priests.


    Also, currently working on some miniatures of the Devil Porings. Been having a hard time getting it right.

    Anyone know some good premade wing bits that would work for that small size and "cuteness", since that has been the big problem.
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