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    Default Fairy Godmother Prestige Class

    When I made up Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, this was the prestige class that I used. It's been archived on WotC's site, but I don't think that I ever posted it here. I've also updated this a little.

    Fairy Godmother Prestige Class

    Hit Die: d4

    Gender: Must be Female
    Race: Must be human (common), humanoid (unusual), or fey (very rarely)
    Age: Must have attained age category of Middle Age
    Alignment: Must be of Good Alignment
    Feat: Must have the Craft Wand Feat
    Skills: Must have 6 skill ranks in Knowledge (nature) and 10 skill ranks in Disguise

    Class Skills
    The fairy godmother’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha) Concentration (Con), Craft (woodworking) (Int), Disguise (Cha), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).

    Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

    Fairy godmother is actually a misnomer since few members of this prestige class are actual godmothers and even fewer still are fairies. Nevertheless, a fairy godmother will often attend to those whose lives have been made woefully inadequate through none of their own making, and especially those whose families have turned against them. The fairy godmother’s benevolent nature blossoms under these conditions.

    Fairy godmothers are often seen as eccentric. They rarely have families of their own – no children or grandchildren to dote upon. Few fairy godmothers ever married and fewer raised their own children though some have fostered other people’s children with great success.

    Most fairy godmothers have a garish sense of fashion. Fairy godmothers who are not Red Hat Ladies (see below) generally wear full length, flowing gowns or robes made of one of the following colors: yellow, pink, blue, violet, and green. Of course, the fairy godmother always has a matching pointy hat unless her cloak has a hood. The only time a fairy godmother eschews her style of dress is when donning a disguise or when in mourning. Even then, the fairy godmother forgoes the traditional black for the deepest purple, a color nearly indistinguishable from black.

    Frequently, fairy godmothers disguise themselves as eccentric old women who take on many philanthropic ventures. Often, they will spend a great deal of time, effort, and money making sure that the unfortunate soul they are helping gets the most of their benefit.

    In urban centers, the major organization of fairy godmothers is the Red Hat Lady Society whose membership is limited to human women over the age of 50 (being a fairy godmother is not necessary for membership). On all public outings, the members are required to wear a red hat and purple dress. Fairy godmothers frequently join this organization in order to contact with each other and to flaunt their extreme style of living and of course, to have some fun.

    Fairy godmothers often have close ties to nature and many are on good terms with several members of the Seelie Court. Each fairy godmother has a small home in a secluded wood when she is not in the public eye or engaged in one of her philanthropic ventures. This home is often guarded with spells especially guards and wards to make sure its location remains unknown to unwanted outsiders.

    Fairy godmothers are noted for preferring wands to any other magic item. In fact, most fairy godmothers will have several wands. Additionally, many fairy godmothers take the woodworking craft in order to create better wands for themselves. As a result, the wooden wand is a focus for the spells of a fairy godmother. At the DM’s discretion, this wand can be used to replace any other focus that a spell might require (such as the bell and silver wire for an alarm spell). The wand cannot replace any components that are consumed by casting the spell.

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

    |Aging Well, Bestow Baby’s Blessing, Flight (clumsy)|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

    |Alter Self, Flight (poor)|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

    |Detect Scrying, Flight (average)|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

    |Break Enchantment, Flight (good)|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

    |Flight (perfect), Bonus Feat|+1 level of existing spellcasting class[/table]

    Special Qualities

    Aging Well (Ex): It becomes apparent that the fairy godmother is aging particularly well. Although her hair may turn gray, her skin remains flawless – no bags or sags here. Though her figure may be less than trim, she remains as graceful as ever. A fairy godmother gets no penalties for aging after middle age.

    Alter Self (Sp): At second level, the fair godmother gains this ability, which is useable once per day. In addition, the fairy godmother may shrink two sizes smaller.

    Bestow Baby’s Blessing (Sp): Any baby whom the fairy godmother oversees is given a +1 save against enchantment spells by his or her fairy godmother. This blessing must be given within the first week of the baby’s birth. A fairy godmother gains this ability at first level.

    Break Enchantment (Sp): Thrice per day beginning at fourth level, a fairy godmother may free a charge under her care (or herself if necessary), from enchantments, transmutations, curses, and petrifaction. The only spells that a fairy godmother cannot break, are those spells that were created with true love’s kiss and the Bestow Baby’s Bane cast by an evil fairy godmother (see below).

    If a fairy godmother cannot break an enchantment, she may cast temporal stasis on the victim that lasts until the enchantment can be broken or for 100 years, whichever occurs first. The cost for casting temporal stasis is one-tenth for fairy godmothers. Sometimes, age doth have its privileges.

    In the case of an evil fairy godmother’s Bestow Baby’s Bane, a good fairy godmother can only mitigate the problem (i.e. lessen the severity). In the case of a death curse, instead the victim could fall asleep for 100 years. If the protégé were to turn into an animal, the curse could be mitigated so that the change would only take place after midnight until the first light of morning.

    Detect Scrying (Sp): At third level, a fairy godmother may detect scrying as per the spell. This ability is useable at will.

    Flight (Su): Fairy Godmothers gain the ability to fly at first level. This innate ability is vaguely similar to the spell of the same name at first level. Unlike the spell, they can use this ability at will with no time restriction. Moreover, her ability to fly gets better at each level beginning as clumsy at first level to perfect at fifth level. Small wings (matching the dress of the fairy godmother) appear at her back whenever a fairy godmother uses this ability.

    New Feat*

    Seelie Court Member
    Through birth or more often through deed, the fairy godmother has generally achieved some status in the Seelie Court.
    Prerequisite: Must be a Fairy Godmother with Seelie Court connections
    Benefit: A Fairy Godmother gets a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks involving Seelie Court fey. She suffers a -1 penalty on all Charisma based skill checks involving Unseelie Court fey.
    Special: A Fairy Godmother may not take both this and Unseelie Court Member.

    *Note: This feat is taken from the web article, Fey Feature: Life in a Noble House on the Wizard's of the Coast Site. The original article can be found here:

    Ex Fairy Godmothers

    Fairy godmothers who become male cannot gain new levels as fairy godmothers. A fairy godmother who becomes male retains all class abilities obtained up to the point of becoming male but begins to show his true age and takes the penalties and advantages for his true age, which could, unfortunately, have dire consequences for a fairy godmother who has lived beyond mortal years.... Moreover, he loses his membership into the Red Hat Society. If her correct gender is returned to her, a fairy godmother reverts to her middle age statistics.

    A fallen fairy godmother who becomes evil immediately loses her ability to Bestow Baby’s Blessing but gains the ability to Bestow Baby’s Bane at will.

    Bestow Baby’s Bane (Sp): Any baby whom an evil fairy godmother oversees is given prophecy that foretells a curse that will take place when the child turns 16. Some of these curses are so potent that they turn into family curses (such as turning into a frog) that can be passed down through the generations. Others can have fatal consequences. Unfortunately, the only person who can remove the curse is the fairy godmother who lay in the first place. Such enchantments can be mitigated by higher-ranking fairy godmothers who will earn the enmity of the first (see Break Enchantment).

    An evil fairy godmother may lose her Aging Well ability. Furthermore, some evil fairy godmother’s become less attractive the more wicked they become, acquiring warts, moles, yellow crooked teeth, poor posture, etc. Others become obsessed with their age and beauty and instead of caring for others, become selfish and vain. Generally, losing the Aging Well ability is reserved for fairy godmothers who become wicked by choice rather than by accident.

    An evil fairy godmother does not necessarily lose her membership in the Red Hat Society but she’s likely to lose many of her friends. All of her contacts with the Seelie Court will shun her until her alignment changes back to good although she may make new contacts with the Unseelie Court.

    A fairy godmother who becomes both male and evil at the same time loses all fairy godmother abilities and gains double the penalties for aging.

    New Magical Component

    True Love’s Kiss is a magical material component added to certain spells making them more difficult to dispel. Bestow curse, poison, and sleep spells lend themselves to such additives. Note: it cannot be added to the mass version of any spell.

    It adds the condition to a spell so that it can only be dispelled by the kiss of the recipient’s true love. No magic of any kind may dispel a spell with this component short of a wish or miracle spell and even then at the DM’s discretion.

    This a condition often added by cruel and heartless witches, hags and female devils and demons who wish petty jealousies upon mortals. This rare spell component can only be handled by female spellcasters and is rendered inert if it is exposed to any male humanoid, monstrous humanoid, demon or devil. Moreover, the touch any undead will render this component inert.

    If a sleep spell is cast with true love’s kiss, the sleeper may die of thirst or starvation before he or she wakes. Although a fairy godmother cannot break such an enchantment, she can cast temporal stasis on the victim giving the sleeper 100 years time for the spell to be broken.

    In the case of poison, the fairy godmother can cast temporal stasis, which prevents a victim from dying but causes him or her to sleep for 100 years. The poison is rendered inert upon awakening.

    Temporal Stasis
    Level: FG 1, Sor/Wiz 8
    Components: V, S, M
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Duration: Though normally permanent, when cast on someone who’s been enspelled by True Love’s Kiss the duration is only 100 years*
    Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    You must succeed on a melee touch attack. You place the subject into a state of suspended animation. For the creature, time ceases to flow and its condition becomes fixed. The creature does not grow older. Its body functions virtually cease, and no force or effect can harm it. This state persists until the magic is removed (such as by a successful dispel magic spell or a freedom spell or in the case of someone enspelled by True Love’s Kiss by the true love either one who loves the victim of the spell truly or one the victim loves truly)*.

    If temporal stasis is cast on someone who’s been enspelled with True Love’s Kiss, the kiss of his or her true love dispels both the underlying spell and the temporal stasis.

    Material Component: A powder composed of diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire dust with a total value of at least 5,000 gp. When cast by a Fairy Godmother the cost is one-tenth (500 gp).

    For Fairy Godmother’s who like to travel in style:

    Carriage, Pumpkin
    (From Visions Book One: the Pumpkin Patch by Patrick Younts published by Ronin Arts) and is open gaming content.

    This useful, whimsical item appears as a small, well-formed pumpkin roughly the size of an adult human male’s head, and while the pumpkin is hollowed out and decorated with carvings small windows, it is otherwise unremarkable. When the pumpkin is placed on the ground, however, and the proper command word spoken, it expands to become a full size carriage, albeit one in the shape of a pumpkin, complete with green stem and wheels made from curling vines thick and strong as a tree branch.

    The power of a pumpkin carriage is such that it can move without need of horses, or other animals strong enough to pull it. When the owner of the carriage seats himself within and speaks a second command word, the pumpkins lurches forward, moving at a speed of 40 ft. per round. It can move tirelessly at this speed for a total of 8 hours each day; at the end of that time, it reverts to its pumpkin form, and may not be used for another 16 hours. The owner of the pumpkin carriage, and any riding within it, are ejected harmlessly when the carriage shrinks to its pumpkin form.

    A pumpkin carriage is large enough to seat four comfortably, with an additional rider standing on the leaf-woven footman’s platform on the back, and another on the driver’s “seat” at the front. The magic that empowers a pumpkin carriage also renders it immune to the effects of decay.

    Moderate transmutation and conjuration (creation); CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, phantom steed, plant growth; Price 13,500 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
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