Othello the Wanderer

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Looks like possibly Late 30's to Mid 40's, he's been around for a while though.
Alignment: True Neutral (As far as any human can be completely impartial)
Class (or approximation): Druid/Wizard
Power Rating (optional): 11-12 (I know what you're all thinking, here comes some new Nubbish Acolyte,trying to godmode a character to the teeth, but if you give me a chance to explain myself I will)
Othello stands at a relatively large frame. Somewhere in the range of 6 feet tall with broad shoulders. He is not muscular, but he is not out of shape. He has curly blond hair which tapers down to his shoulders, with faded reddish strands of hair mixed in, the red is more noticable at the end of his hair. Generally he wears it in a ponytail. His face is well defined, his features are rather distinguishing. Not that he is attractive, his comeliness is actually rather average, but his facial features are very pronounced. He has a squared off chin, which angles off of the bottom of his face. It is complimented nicely by a rather broad nose. He has thick bushy eyebrows, and deep brown eyes.
Equipment: He looks like a regular person. He wears a heavy looking dark green robe at most times, but does own other clothes. The cloak looks old, like maybe it was once a beautiful royal dark green or some shade like that, but has been worn out by being in the sun and elements for far too long. He has a belt. Thick, leather, has a buckle, and some pouches on it. The pouches look like they might or might not contain things. He also carries with him a large oaken staff. It's dark, and has a gnarled looking top.
Abilities: Well, he's a wizard. He's also a druid. He's quite powerful, and from the setting that I made him, he is the definition of power and balance. He's the character that's just sort of there. He's always been there, and always will be there for one reason or another. I originally created him to act as a consult of sorts to a party that I was DMing for, and this party was known to be mostly evil-ish and killed most of the characters that I threw at them if they didn't like the answers they got. So being frustrated of throwing the normal sheepish NPC's at them, I created a character which they could not defeat. He was far too intelligent for them to cross, and he ended up joining them in the adventure they liked him so much. It was difficult him being so powerful, to balance the adventure but it worked out well in the end.
Othello you see is a very unique character. He is not immortal, but you can't kill him. Well, there are certain ways to do it, but none of the PC's I DM for have figured it out. He is a very powerful wizard, and equally powerful as a druid. I'm not introducing him here to fight other characters. At all. I just love the personality that he holds and what story stands behind him. I actually ended up using his character as a project for a university literature class I took, and did quite well. His abilities range far beyond the normal Druid or Wizard, or whatever holds you to those class names.
Backstory: Othello's backstory isn't exactly a tale of mystery, but not much of it is known to the major public, as most people haven't been alive long enough to have heard about it in tales. Othello was born a very, very long time ago. I play in the world of Greyhawk, mostly, so that's where the majority of this tale comes from. His childhood lacks consequence, as nothing interesting or consequential happened then. He was born, to two parents, and was immediately recognized in his society of being a child who can use the arcane arts. Now this alone is not that special, but he was also recognized as someone with a deep, deep connection to nature. After training as a wizard, Othello grew tired of the confines of strict, cultured society and left. No notes, no dramatic exits, just a missing robe and staff and he was never to be seen again. He spent his days in the wilderness, living amongst nature and all of it's splendor. He fell more and more in love with the earth and it's natural beauty every day, and some say this is where his unique power comes from. Thirty years passed with no mention of his name, or even thought of his being, until one day the blond haired man returned to his home city. He was not recognized, as he should have now been an elderly man in his sixties, only to appear to be in his thirties, at the most. His blond hair still flocked long around his shoulders, yet his face and eyes looked older than he did, an odd sight indeed. He another decade or so living in his home city, it was quite large, and he had no problem of blending into the background. It took some time before people realized that the man they knew as Othello, was not aging. He wasn't changing at all as a matter of fact. And that's the way that it was at every city he lived in for the next several centuries.
Othello spent much of the early part of his life, (early for him, a very long time for the rest of us) in peaceful serenity, avoiding the problems of man and other creatures. That is until everything he came to know and love around him was destroyed. Othello was alive during what many know as the "Rain of Colorless Fire" that destroyed the majority of the western half of The Flanaess. He witnessed this destruction with his own eyes, and with that decided to leave. He fled to the east. Across the great mountains and into the lands of the Flan, and into the more commonly known part of Greyhawk. He had lived his life there, settling disputes, wandering, adventuring, every once in a while helping out the DM by causing some major plot turning event, and then as soon as he had come, he left. Hundreds of years in one place, causing him to become a legend in most eyes, was something he really didn't enjoy, so he left. Now he finds his way into the town, hoping for a new roleplaying experience, and a good time.

Miscellaneous: Othello has lived a very long life, and is a very wise man because of it. He mostly keeps his wisdom to himself but every once and a great while he tries to help others and share it. He is a calm man, and is very dedicated towards balance and order in the world. He loves nature, and nature seems to love him back. Animals are very fond of him. He's a gifted speaker, and most people seem to believe whatever he says, just because he has the aura of a well intentioned person. Do not cross him, he will not fight you, unless your desperatly, desperately have some kind of inferiority complex and have to, at which point he will. He is not on these forums to do battle with any other characters, unless it fits into a story line.