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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    NAME: Kowalski Pulduski
    RACE: human
    AGE: 68
    CLASS: Grizzled General/Scientist
    EQUIPMENT: Russian Pistol, some old medals, and not much else.
    BACKSTORY: An old grizzled Russian general, he was a tactical genius in every sense winning countless battles in the name of the motherland. Until one day his helicopter was shot down. His body was retrieved and re grown it using experimental Russian biological cybernetics. Somewhere in there they tinkered his brain wondering why he was so brilliant. Somewhere in there they activated a inactive part of the brain causing powerful telekinetic powers he in reflex and killed all the men and left the facility in ruins. He was presumed MIA presumed dead, so according to the Russians he's dead. Unfortunately the telekinetic powers take a great deal of his physical abilities so he is a frail man. But after years of conditioning he is only 1/3 the fit as he would normally would be with the conditioning he went through. He is always supporting the motherland in every way and always tries to solve problems with democracy.

    For zee Motherland!
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