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    Elrond "Magic Midget' Von Calien

    "Life matters not when life it self has stopped, thats were i come in"
    Race: Elfling (An Elf/ Halfing)/ Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mage/ Ninja
    Level: 15/ 13
    Age: 39
    Size: S
    Alighnment: NE

    Elrond is a short average weighted elf who suffers from a size deformity. He normaly dresses in a long (for his height) blue colored robe with a black robe around his waist witch he uses as a belt. He also has a glowing Green rune on his for head with gives him special abilities much like his amulet

    Hes weapon of choice is a katana (a candy cane at xmas time), shuriken and kunai plus senbons. He also carries around a magical pendant witch is a family heirloom no one knows what i does just that it is a powerful source of energy and seems to increase Elronds power when he is angry or upset. And a magical Staff of time and nature

    [Abilities and skills]
    Elrond is a master of magic and blade he excels at thrown weapons and death spells. Elrond is also very good at sleight of hand. He also has lightning reflexes and can see you presure points

    Unknown for now...

    Elrond is quick to anger and stubborn he is very determined and focused when he wants to be he is also a quick learner.

    Other Referance Pics:

    Normal Elrond

    Baby Elrond

    Thing Thing Elrond

    Elrond at Christmas Time

    [B]GenderBent Elrond[B]
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