The OOTS Board Game partially answers this for us. The alignments of all the characters are listed as follows:

Beleaguered Good
Chaotic Greedy
Foolish Good
Lawful Bland
Selfish Evil
Arrogant Neutral

Now, given that we know the alignments of every other member of the Order in D&D terms, we can see that every one of these is made up of a "real" alignment word (one that is accurate to their D&D alignment) and a comedic describer. Since V's alignment contains "Neutral" in the second position, V is either Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, or Chaotic Neutral. (And given the Kubota situation, I think we can throw Lawful Neutral right out.)

So, V is either True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral by the best record we have. Since neither one of those particularly conflicts with the events in the comic, those are the most likely. Personally, I prefer TN, since V has taken some lawful actions from time to time.