Race: Cat
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Hot-headed would be the best way to put it
Class: Sorcerer
Power Rating : Pretty high, 18 or so. His sorcery is tremendously powerful, but he can be taken out of action with a well aimed kick, as most cats can.

Custard looks like an ordinary tomcat, his fur the pale yellow of a certain dessert sauce. His beady black eyes have a telltale glimmer of intelligence that gives him away well before his speech and tendency to throw fireballs around can do so. He Custard wears a small red fez, perched on his head between his ears. It’s his prized possession, taken from a canine sorcerer he bested in a contest, so he does his best to keep it immaculate. Woe betide anyone who messes with it.

Custard gets worked up easily, and has a tendency to try and solve his problems by setting fire to things. He’s very quick to anger, especially when he’s being insulted, but is equally quick to cool off afterwards, and is often at least a little sorry for singing someone. Mind you, like all cats he has a huge selfish and prideful streak, and it’s very hard for him to actually apologise for anything properly.

Abilities and Equipment
Sorcery – Custard is a near epic level sorcerer, specialising in fire evocations, and his own modified version of the Bigby’s hand spells, which he calls Custards Claws.
Small & Cute – He’s a cat, and he wears a cute little fez. It lets Custard get away with things no humanoid sorcerer would. When someone sets the barn ablaze, who suspects the cat? A fake meow and a doe-eyed look, and Custard can saunter on his way.
Little Red Fez – Custards headwear is not just a charming affectation. The canine caster who created it set up a trigger word to a powerful defensive field. When Custard says “Kippers” in Swedish, the shimmering red field activates, creating a shield all around him that deflects all non magical weapons and attacks. He can only use it once every 24 hours though, so he tends not to rely on it, running away if things start to look serious.

Custard has been an intelligent cat for as long as he can remember…which isn’t very long. Most of his past is a blur, so he’s not really sure why he’s the way he is, not that it gets him down. The first thing he remembers is pouncing on a bird. Suddenly, fire streamed out of his paws and cooked the bird like a well done steak. It was a neat trick, and a useful one at that, and Custard decided to learn more about his newfound “gift”. Fast forward five years and he’s now become a very potent sorcerer, though he still has no idea where his talent comes from. He’d like to find out, but so far his investigations have got him nowhere, and what little he has found out is contradictory and confusing.

So for now Custard lives for today and plans for tomorrow, trying not to think about the huge black hole that is his past. If he can set fire to a few things and score a few hot female kitties as he goes then all the better. Still, if information about his powers were to show up, Custard’s interest would no doubt be peaked…