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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Johhny Boy
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 18 (future version), 16 (normal version)
    Height: 5ft (normal version), 6ft (future version)
    Weight: 95lbs (normal version), 176lbs (future version)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Technically he's the 7th son of a wizard, but he doesn't know what that means, as far as he's concerned he's just a Kung-Fu genius.
    Power Rating: 4 (normal version), 6 (future version)
    Description: Short and tidy black hair, muscular, deep blue eyes, all in all he's quite a handsome young man. He is gentle and caring yet courageous and strong-willed, but he gets a little nervous around beautiful women, although that is mainly due to him being a boy. He can be stubborn sometimes and he's a little too optimistic for his own good.
    Affiliation: GLoG
    Equipment and Abilities: Never wears a shirt in summer, but when he does wear a shirt he usually wears a loose, blue and sleeveless shirt. Always wears a white pair of a tracksuit bottoms, a black bandana and a white pair of sports sneakers. He is a natural born kung-fu genius and great at Tae-Kwon-Leap, sometimes weird and magical things happen when he's in danger, he doesn't know why this happens.
    Backstory: When Johhny was born, his mother left him in the care of his dad, who just happened to be a wizard with seven other sons. At the young age of 5, Johhny took naturally to martial arts, or more specifically, Kung-fu. At the age of 12, Johhny got attacked by a red dragon, but when Johhny thrust out his arms to protect himself, a shield of force raised itself in front of him, protecting him from harm. Since then, Johhny has kept up his martial arts training.
    Miscellaneous: Johhny doesn't seem to get cold as quickly as others due to his martial arts training. The current Johnny is Johnny from two years in the future. The normal Johnny is needed there and this Johnny is here to fill his place.
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