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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Vorka Stark

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 20 (yeah, this may differ)
    Alignment: Neutral/Lawful Good
    Class (or approximation): Paladin-type-guy, with a hint of spellcaster and cleric thrown in for good measure.
    Tall, blonde (wavy locks that fall to his shoulders at their longest), knight in shining armour type guy, with big bright blue eyes, and tanned Caucasian skin that's seen its fair share of sun, and cloud. A long, thick scar plunges from his left nipple down to his left thigh in one clean cleave. His pupils are bigger than they should be, and the veins in his neck, and bordering his face are slightly too pronounced. Vorka's a hideous, hunch-backed, warty, hairy, constantly snorting, fat, smelly, physically repellent, deformed, short, balding, porcine, club-footed, big-nosed man; his race and age unclear from first glance.
    Equipment and Abilities: Magic Helm and Armour, a variety of magic-enhanced weaponry. Spellbook containing a large list of sacred ritual spells (imagine a kinda witch-style Book o' Shadows merged with one of them holy medieval relic-Bibles). Holy symbols powering his magic, each engraved with a different symbol.
    Holy Symbol Magics:
    Ehdrameir: A propulsion charm, that, when accompanied by a hand gesture, can create a rough psychkinetic force to move objects, with force, in a certain direction, typically away from Vorka himself, though occasionally in other directions.
    Hiatros: A healing charm, which primarily works, as Vorka murmurs a few words under his breath, by ensuring that the injured feels little to no pain, and is able to continue fighting. However, as such an effect takes place, a minor healing charm does actually start to try and fix up the wound.
    Iepnyozs: A charm which induces a healing rest, which, to the uneducated eye, resembles unconsciousness, or, in some, death. The charm can last for between a few hours or days, and its length can be minorly controlled by Vorka, though other factors may well interfere.
    Awrior: Light materialises, in any shape or form Vorka initially desires. The colour is always a slightly golden yellow, and, as well as being able to pierce both magical and mundane darkness, the summoned holy light is also oft-able to reveal invisible beings, and make nearby people feel happier, or less afraid.
    Baeleor: Vorka can project flames through the end of his weapon (or potentially, his hands). The flames are magical in nature, and not true fire, and, though they can be stamped out, they can not be extinguished by lack of oxygen, or fuel, and are not put out by water, whether mundane or supernatural. Vorka himself is not immune to these golden fires, and so rarely evokes them from his own body.

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