Arthur Krain

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Alignment: Chaotic good/neutral. (More so good, but he'll do what it takes to accomplish his goals, even if it crosses the line.)
Class (or approximation): Fighter/Ranger
Power Rating (optional): 5-6 (Without his gear, a 4-5)
Arthur is slightly below average height, standing around 5'10". He is fairly muscular however, and it seems to look nice on his broad, sturdy frame. His shoulders are quite wide. He is an extremely attractive person. His skin tone is of a dark olive color, and his skin is very fair. His arms and legs are quite hairy. He looks like he could be Greek, if that race were to exist. His eyes are a beautiful green color, which nicely contrast his skin. He has bushy eyebrows which seem to sit plumply just above his eyes. His nose builds it's way down to a fine point. It is on the thinner side. He has squarish cheekbones, and a round, but firm looking jaw. He has young boyish black hair still, that falls lightly around his head, reaching just above his shoulder. The only thing to change his otherwise beautiful appearance are the numerous scars and tattoos that cover his body. The scars are for the most part hidden. The majority of them rest on his chest, and arms and legs. One can be seen at all times though, it is one thick mark, coming up from the left side of his chest, moving up his neck, and side of his face. It crawls up to mid-cheek before stopping. He also bears a branding mark on the back of his neck. The tattoos that cover his arms are references to his past, and are mostly tribal looking lines and patterns.
Equipment: He of course owns a normal set of clothes, undergarments, pants, a shirt, a belt, boots, all of that normal stuff. He wears a chain mail hauberk that has been woven in between several layers of leather, which hangs down around his knees. The leather forms a dark red tunic, with a golden serpentine cross in the middle. (The kind with the wavy lines). The hauberk is open chested, and attaches at the front by leather buckles. On the front are several throwing blades tucked in to small hoops. He wears thick leather arm guards that cover his wrist and forearm. He has a thick leather belt that ties off on his waist, several pouches hang from the belt. Also hanging from the front is a hatchet, and a dirk (a large dagger) on the back. A bastard sword, and sheath hang off the belt by two pieces of leather, so that it rests upon the middle of his thigh. The sword is about 4'2" long. He wears a pair of boots that come up to about his knees, they look extremely worn. He also wears a heavy brown cloth cloak, with a hood.. He has various other trinkets hanging off of him, just ask him about them, he's more than happy to talk! The majority of his gear is magical of some sort.
Abilities: Arthur is a great melee fighter. He is very well trained in the use of the sword. He is also an accomplished martial artist. He is good with a bow as well. He is however far more than just some brute. He is a rather intelligent character, and fairly wise. He is still young, and can let his emotions get the best of him. He is an accomplished tracker, and is experienced in adventuring. Because of his upbringing, he is familiar with magic and how it works, though he holds no control over it, and can not cast spells. He is also slightly trained in thievery, and can use some thief skills, such as hiding in shadows, or moving quietly. He also knows how to get around conventional locks. From living in the wilderness, he is great at roughing it, and loves the wilderness.
Backstory: Arthur's story, is a very dark one. Born October 12th, he was immediately taken from his mother and given too a surrogate family. He was raised until the age of 5, learning how to speak, read, eat, sleep, dress, and everything else that is possible at that age. On his 5th birthday he was taken from his surrogate family. He held no feeling for them anyway, as that is what was encouraged. He actually resents them now, knowing his true past. Arthur you see, is from the Scarlet Brotherhood. (For those who don't know about them... )

He was taken from his surrogate family, and placed into the Brotherhood's youth training program. For 9 years, he was drilled daily, on fighting, the world, his Suel history, and the racial doctrine that the Brotherhood preached to him. Forced on him. He accepted all of this willingly, as it is hard to deny your life, when you have seen nothing else. His time in the training program brain-washed him. It turned him into nothing more than a breathing, thinking, killing drone for the Brotherhood. Arthur was recognized for his physical prowess, this however was expected. Arthur was the product of genetic breeding. The brotherhood would actually force people to mate based on their physical prowess, forcing them to create only the strongest, most perfect offspring. It is a terrible, cruel thing, but in his case, it has worked. He was then moved for one year into a more specialized training camp, where he was to be trained to be one of the Brother's themselves. A monastic soldier and servant, sacrificing his life for the Brotherhood, and their corrupted views. It was not long after his 15th birthday, that he was contacted by a man he did not know. Long story short, this man was his father, his biological father. He wanted to break Arthur out of his prison and free them into the real world. It took time, but the man convinced Arthur to believe him. Quietly one night, Arthur and his father escaped into the darkness of the night, and into the lands of the free world. What happened after is far too long of a story to post here, it would take up way to much space, but what happened after that is an epic tale. Years of adventure, stopping entire armies, saving kingdoms, fighting dragons, and the most evil of villains.

Miscellaneous: Arthur may be young, but he is smart for his age. He's very crafty, and very clever, especially when he's in a tight spot.

Common Knowledge:
Arthur has shown up to Town by horse.