The most common CI build is Commoner1/Warlock8 with The Dead Walk invocation. Nab Corpsecrafter and Destructive Retribution from Libris Mortis: The Book of Bad Latin, and go to town. Get a spell component pouce (always a free action to draw from) and start drawing stuff out. Half of it will be chickens, so just toss em on the ground. Have someone with Great Cleave or similar kill ALL of them. Next round reanimate them all as skeletal chickens (1/4 HD?) with The Dead Walk, and apply all of your Corpsecrafter feats. Now, in the next 8 minutes, sick your hoarde of angry death chickens on whatever it is that drew your ire and watch as they all explode upon death into 1d6 negative energy damage bursts. Hillarity ensues.

Plus, since its only temporary, you don't have to pay the expensive material components for Animate Dead....unless you want it to be permanent.

A more elaborate build would be Commoner1/ClericX using a DMM: Fel Animate Greater Consumptive Field. GCF automatically kills anything with 8 HP or less, and Fel Animate automatically raises anything killed by the spell as a zombie. Then just start drawing chickens and each one will be an expoloding zombie doom chicken.

And for extra kicks, grab the feat Tomb Tainted Soul, also from LM, so that negative energy heals you and positive hurts you. Now all of your exploding chickens will HEAL you, giving you a nearly infinitely supply of healing.