So does a Chicken Infested commoner pretty much immediately go to level 6 or so because he can create a chicken in thin air above a cliff and watch it fall? Up to whatever level you stop getting XP for killing chickens.
It's a Tippyverse thing. Suddenly nobody can ever die of hunger, just malnutrition due to vitamin deficiency. But farmers everywhere can just grow leeks and such instead of animals to make up for it. The value of a chicken drops to virtually nil. Same with feathers, chicken blood, chicken bones, etc.

Tippyverse. And if it's not unbalanced to draw a chicken, why not create a feat that lets you draw a lump of coal instead? Suddenly the world has no problems with heating or fuel for forges and such. A feat to draw a scrap of iron? Whoops, now metal is basically valueless.

Incidentally this is also a problem with the spell component pouches. Spell components were meant to be a meaningful part of being a caster. If you're just going to pencil-whip it then say there are no components except ones that have a GP value.