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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Crodelus (AKA "Crow")

    Gender: Male

    Race: magically altered human

    Age: 23

    Alignment: True Neutral, leaning toward Neutral Good.

    Class (or approximation): In D&D terms he would be best represented as a conjurer. In the world he comes from he would be called a Lifecrafter Shock Trooper.

    Power Rating (optional): On the borderline between 6 and 7. thinks of himself as a 7.


    He wears somewhat decorative red robes a slightly stained white robe and wears glasses. his skin is slightly battle-toughened and seems to emit an incredibly faint glow.

    Equipment and Abilities: He wears light armor under his robes and, while he has a sword and knows basic swordfighting techniques, his weapon of choice is his "thorn baton" (which is pretty much a living revolver). He has the ability to create assorted beasts which serve him (think of it as summoning, but they don't just disappear afterward), and can alter and heal these beasts (he can, but adamantly refuses to, do the same to humanoids.).

    Backstory: Crodelus learned how to craft life in a different world. Assorted things none of you care about happened. He began to question the morality of the way lifecrafting powers were used in his homeworld. One day he came across an unusual being which he witnessed changing its form (I'll give you three guesses who this is). Thinking that this being was using a previously unheard of application of lifecrafting powers, he attempted to capture it and bring it in for examination. The being panicked and activated a magical device which transported both to the ACROverse.

    Miscellaneous: He is usually very calm, but occasionally becomes very enraged. In actuality his usual calmness is a deliberate attempt to prevent these fits of rage from occurring much more frequently.



    Gender: Male
    Race: Creation "dog"
    Age: about a week
    Alignment: True Neutral, subservient to Crodelus
    Class (or approximation): dog
    Power Rating (optional): 1
    Description: A strange purple creature which looks somewhat similar to a dog.
    Backstory: The first "successful" creation Crodelus has made since arriving in the acroverse. He seems upset by the results, but still spends time training Hiba as well as he can.
    Miscellaneous: Yeah, if Hiba dies, he'll explode. You might want to avoid that. If this does happen, it will probably anger Crodelus. You should want to avoid that.
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