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1st April. Isn't it obvious? Wouldn't it be obvious even if it wasn't printed on April Fool's Day? Does each joke, humorous footnote and thing not to be taken seriously have to be labelled as such, for fear of people not getting it? I have more hopes in humanity than that.
Given its similarity to something actually attempted, and that nowhere in this thread was the date of the article mentioned, I wouldn't call it obvious.

You're in the minority here.

I hate to explain the joke, but it seems I have to do it: such builds are funny BECAUSE they work mechanically, according to RAW. Common sense not much, but Rules As Written indeed. Creating a homebrew class with a feature to Become A God at 1st level is lame and not funny. Creating a build that lets you Become A God at 1st level (if you're a kobold) and WORKS within the RAW, even if no sane DM would allow you to pull that off, is hilarious.
And now that you've explained the "joke," that means that it wasn't told correctly, because if it was, no explanation would be needed.