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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelSword View Post
    The difference? Unglued and Unhinged cards have a silver border around them, immediately and obviously denoting their joke status.
    It is worth pointing out that my post quoted above going into detail on it (although other people had noted the odd things you could do with the flaw earlier) is from this thread; the context is important.

    It's a strategy that ends with "and then I full the entire universe with chickens!" I think you should be able to read that and know what it means.

    And what it means is that commoners are completely awesome. Don't believe what everyone else here is saying; I am deadly serious. Because they can take this flaw (and for other reasons, but partially because of this flaw) Commoners make Wizards look as weak as Soulknives. The relevant power comparison is something like Commoner >> Wizard.

    Seriously. While the wizard is busy casting spells you bury not only them but everyone they care about in chickens -- clucking, pecking, angry and confused chickens. Does the wizard have a spell to deal with chickens? Well... yes, actually, probably several. But you can just respond by sending in more chickens. The Cleric with a Persistent Greater Consumptive Field might seem like a problem, since each chicken will only make them stronger... but we have another trick up our sleeves.

    Optimally, our build should be a Warforged Commoner. Create chickens until the spellcasters have no more room to breathe, speak, or move (note that they cannot even Plane Shift to escape, as it has a focus component that they can't use while immobilized. Still silent teleportation doesn't help, as there is no free space to teleport to.) With them immobilized in this fashion, wait for them to suffocate or, if they don't need to breathe either, wait for them to die of old age, then wait for your (also dead) chickens to decompose to the point where you can move again. Congratulations, you win. Note that just about anything else in the universe that needs to breathe and/or has an age limit is also likely to be dead, so that's an added bonus. This means we can now go around and collect their stuff. Some method of going to other planes would be a good idea, too (although we can probably find such a method by looting, after suffocating everyone else via chickens); that way we'll have some place to sell all our loot and, once we're done with that, we can suffocate those planes, too, not to mention going after any spellcasters that used planar travel to escape themselves.
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